Summer opera on the internets

alcina tvIf you’re stuck at home and don’t want to go see caped crusaders blow stuff up, here’s a roundup of some opera things available free on the internet.

As for not on the internet stuff, I will be going to Bard later this week to see Mascagni’s Iris, the opera that makes Butterfly look culturally sensitive.


  1. Thanks so much for this post. I almost missed the Eugene Onegin, which I really enjoyed yesterday (I think today is the last day for it. Now I need to check out Queen of Spades. it sounds .. erm… fascinatin’

    On my phone, I was able to start the Parsifal (but I wasn’t willing to sit and watch/listen to my phone for five hours!)

    Finally I am going to try out your workaround for the Aix performances on the Opera Platform. I was very disappointed when I found out I couldn’t see Pelleas, and I am curious about the Cosi.

    Thanks for the summer interwebz update!!

  2. Many thanks for this helpful post. On my Mac, I was able to see only Act 1 of Parsifal. ANone have a trick where I can see the other two acts? Magnificent singing and especially wonderful conducting. The director was not offensive and the marvelous videozoomed out of what appeared to be Kirkuk (near Baghdad my birthplace) out into the Milky way and back. For once Kundry, dressed as an arab woman (all bandaged up in black as my wife used to say) now makes sense bringing in the balsam from Arabia. However, the Amfortas was the healthiest looking man with a chronic non-healing wound you can imagine.

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