My name is Micaela Baranello and I am a musicologist. I’m currently a postdoctoral fellow at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. I specialize in Viennese operetta, which is the topic of my book-in-progress, and I’ve also done a lot of work on Richard Strauss. In my free time I go to whatever opera I can find and I have always enjoyed writing reviews. While I hope my writing here is informative, and my perspective is unavoidably that of a historian, I consider my voice here primarily critical rather than musicological.

I particularly like writing about Baroque opera, Wagner, Strauss, and Regietheater. I’ve written this blog through years of dissertation-writing at Princeton, a year of archival research in Vienna, a publishing internship in Munich (fun with critical editions), and a lot of time living in New Jersey. Most of my non-blog writing is scholarly, but I’ve also contributed to the New York Times Arts and Leisure section and occasionally write program notes. I recently worked as a dramaturg for the Bard Music Festival, and I also sometimes work as a stage manager, including the Princeton University Opera Theater’s productions of Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria and Albert Herring. You can see my scholarly work here.

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I have been asked about this blog’s title; if you’re wondering I’m just going to send you here.

I can be reached at likelyimpossibilities [at] gmail.com.