Dissertation Completion Hiatus

I have to finish up my dissertation and am going to put this blog on hold for a few months. I will be covering Opera Lafayette’s Mozart/Philidor program, The French Così, this week, and then I will return in the spring a PhD (or at least one waiting for her defense). I reserve the right to state my opinions on the new Met productions of Prince Igor and Werther, but probably nothing else. The timing is poor because there are many interesting events coming up but, alas, the semester is short and the dissertation is long.

I recently received a request for “more GIFs.” Here you go.

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  1. Thanks, guys!

    Dr.B: I assumed it was Mahler 6 (featuring hammer blows), but some internet research suggests it actually may be an orchestral arrangement of the Ring (presumably Donner doing his thing).

  2. Yes, it looks like a "fateful" hammer blow from the finale of Mahler's 6th. The real question: is it the 3rd and last blow? Mahler rescinded it (too traumatic even for him) but some conductors can't resist. Hey, might as well get the most out of such a freakish and pricey instrument!