A brief pledge drive

As American public TV chanels remind you, bringing you this content is not free! But I promise this is going to be quick, and unlike many of those pledge drives will not involve André Rieu reruns. I work in the “non-profit sector,” writing this blog can be an expensive hobby, and if you appreciate what I do you can show that with your dollars/Euros/pounds/etc. through the temporary PayPal button at the bottom of this post and in the sidebar over to the right. (I don’t run ads on this blog, nor do I gain income from it in any other way.) I’m planning a summer vacation that will take me to places such as:

Berlin (Herheim’s Serse at the Komische Oper)
Vienna (Don Carlo with Pape and Stoyanova)
London (Les Troyens)
Munich (the Ring)

And first I have some more Ring in New York (Cycle 2, folks!). If you’re looking forward to reading about all this, consider sending a donation to make my trip a little nicer. You can enter whatever amount you like, nothing is too small (I would have it suggesting $5 or so if the gadget let me). If you don’t have a PayPal account, just click on “continue” on the lower left side of the page after you enter the amount. I’ll keep the button over in the sidebar for the next few weeks and then remove it. Thanks and we will now return to our regular programming (Rheingold on Thursday). 

Edited to add: PayPal asks for a “mailing address” but I think I have it set so you do not have to provide one. You also need not provide a name if you do not wish–obviously I have no problems with anonymity! Thank you for your support so far.

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  1. Opera is %#@*ing expensive, and so is traveling. I'm not rich. I think I provide a service with my writing and expertise, and I don't charge for it. If you don't have the means to donate or just don't want to, you don't have to. I don't see what is so objectionable about that.

  2. Hear hear, Zerbinetta. What a rude and obnoxious comment you've had to deal with there. Blogging is not cheap. Opera blogging particularly. Keep up the good work.