Klaus Florian Vogt at the Deutsche Oper Berlin

I usually don’t go to these aria concert things, but I made an exception for Klaus Florian Vogt last night, because I like him, don’t get to hear him often, and since it was at the Deutsche Oper it was a relatively classy affair. Also because I have not seen him sing any of his signature roles but here could at least get a sample of them. And I enjoyed it and I wrote about it for Bachtrack, and you can read it here.

“In recent years the German tenor Klaus Florian Vogt has gained fame for his lyrical portrayals of Wagnerian characters like Lohengrin, Parsifal, and Walther von Stolzing in Die Meisteresinger von Nürnberg. His concert at the Deutsche Oper Berlin with conductor Peter Schneider and the house orchestra showed a wider range of repertoire, but it is still in his home Wagnerian territory that his greatest strengths lie.”

On the one hand I can totally see and appreciate his expansion of his repertoire, it show artistic range and I can’t imagine that singing three roles over and over for your entire career would be fun. But on the other hand he was just so much better as Walther and Lohengrin than in most of the other rep in this concert. I think his Czech exploits elsewhere were fairly successful but I wasn’t too convinced by his “Winterstürme” here, Siegmund needs more torment. Maybe if I heard the whole thing I would think differently, however, and I can imagine his Todesverkündigung would be a stunner. I am much more dubious about his apparent upcoming Cavaradossi, because, REALLY? But who knows, he is already a surprising singer, so maybe he’ll surprise us again.

(A major plus of this concert was the conducting of Peter Schneider, who defines stalwart in certain Germanic opera houses. I know that Schneider’s value is usually considered to be purely neutral but compared to what you usually get at these aria concert things he, plus the excellent orchestra, helped take things a good level above your average evening of Opera’s Greatest Hits.)

Here is Vogt in his greatest hit. This is from 2006 and I think he sounds richer and does more with the text now, but this is all the YouTubes have got:

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